Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Signs Everywhere!

We see signs everyday. Stop signs. Yield signs. Crosswalk signs. Advertisements. Railroad signs. What we don't see are those subtle signs. A curious glance. A smile. A wave. A knowing look.

I believe I've been given verbal signs about writing. It has become apparent, and possibly blatent, that I should be writing A LOT more. And even trying to publish. Something. Anything. When the conversation of my writing came up more than once today, I felt compelled to write. I have so many ideas floating in my head but I've let those ideas fade away. To the far recesses of my mind. Dormant. Waiting until a sudden inspiration wakes the sleeping giant and the words pour out like a cup of koko Samoa on a cold, winter's night.


  1. yaay! Im glad youve been seeing the signs...and paying attention to them...and cant wait to read the writing that will surely follow...

  2. Thanks, Lani! It's funny because a lot of conversations I've had these past couple of weeks have been about writing, publishing, etc. Hard to ignore and I'm definitely taking it to heart! :)