Monday, October 3, 2011


I've always been comfortable doing oral presentations, whether I'm teaching a class, a workshop, or talking to a group about... well, just about anything. As long as I feel prepared and I have some knowledge about the subject, the butterflies in my stomach are kept to a minimum. Singing in front of people, now that's a whole other story and completely off topic.

To continue, my boss emails me a few weeks ago suggesting (telling) that I submit a proposal to present my scholarship essay workshop at a professional conference here in the state. The conference is for people who work in student services, mainly advisors, and they are always trying to find innovative ways of helping students be successful in college. So, I submit my proposal and last week, I get the email saying it's been accepted!

My confident side: Wow! Awesome! This is great for my career! I'm so excited!

My self-conscious side: (Well, first of all I had to google the word conscious to make sure I was spelling it correctly) Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into? What if people have too many questions? What if the presentation tanks?

I've been reading extensively about my topic and I'm able to put my writing skills to work since it's all about writing a scholarship essay so everything should be just fine. Yeah. Okay. Still nervous. And trying to stuff as much information into my already overloaded brain. But not to worry. I will survive. And hopefully get a raise.

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