Friday, September 30, 2011

Lookin' GOOD!

If you're a female and you're growing older, wider, etc., you begin to question yourself, especially your looks. This test of confidence tends to increase when we see these airbrushed models in magazines and on tv, movie stars who are supposed to be the same age and looking 15 years younger, and women lurking in the malls wearing high heels, body fitting suits, and hair/makeup applied in expert fashion. Since I fit into NONE of those categories (I don't wear makeup, my hair is pulled back and you're lucky if I actually take 2 minutes to fix it, and I LOVE my shorts and t-shirts,) I question my overall looks. Not that it should matter. I have a husband who is still around after all these years. But even I, the bum nextdoor, like to be assured once in a while that I'm not so bad to look at.

Case 1: My husband was looking at recent pictures on facebook and pointing out people he went to high school with at a current school reunion. My first reaction? Extremely shallow, of course! Do I look that old??? The question crossed my lips into the unknown void into my husband's ears. And... silence. A once over. My fist rises into the air as I prepare to punch his lights out. Lucky for him, the answer came out. AND, it was a good one. Honey, he says, you look WAY younger than these people. One point for hubby.

Case 2: I was speaking with some students here at the college and just talking about family, etc. I mentioned something about my kids and one student asks how old my kids are. Then he goes on to say he forgets I have kids that age because I don't look old enough. One point for student.

Case 3: I'm buying lunch today and the lunch guy says, Hi young lady! I tell him he's my favorite because he called me young lady. We banter back and forth about age and argue about who's older. Finally I ask him his age. (Because I'm bold and since I don't care about sharing my age, I'm okay to ask that question to others.) Then I proudly say I have 5 years on him! He says, and that's why I called you young lady because you look it! (It doesn't hurt that he's not a bad looking guy either.) TEN points for grill guy! And twenty points for my ego!

The moral of the story is: If you're feeling old and frumpy, find someone (or a few people) who will give your ego a boost by giving you a compliment. Oh, did I forget to mention the guys in a car passing MY car and whistling at me? AND I was the only one in MY car with no other cars around?