Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Heart of Teu

The heart is an amazing muscle that pumps blood throughout the body.  It is literally the life force that will cause the rest of the body's organs to stop functioning if or when the heart stops beating. Blood flowing through your body creates a song and dance of movement, sound, energy, motion. Many people ascribe feelings to the heart and even though that is not the scientific case, we can't help but talk about how our hearts are filled with joy, sorrow, hurt, excitement, and so many feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

When I first met Teu, he was a teenager.  I attributed his high energy to his youth.  His excitement was contagious and as the band played, we drew our energy from him.  His dancing, yelling, and singing alongside of us (he didn't need a microphone) gave us that push we needed to be better.  To do better.  To perform better.  He himself took performing to another level, whether he was on the mic or not. You would see him in the very front row or, whenever he had the chance, onstage dancing alongside the horn section.  Or the backup singers.  Or grabbing the mic to add some ragga style to any song.  You couldn't help feeling his love for music in all of its entities.  It was ingrained in his heart.

The constant and ready smile, the hug that was never timid but big as a bear, the conversations light and filled with jokes, always parting with "love you, sis", this was the heart of Teu.  He had big plans for his music and his life.  The last conversation we had with him was about recording his songs. There was a sense of urgency that wasn't there before.  Like he needed to get it done very soon.  Our response was, "Let us know and let's get it done."  That was three days before the phone call.  Where our hearts broke.  Because his energy and passion was needed on a higher level.  And now we will all carry a small piece of the heart of Teu.  Until we are called to join him and Him.