Sunday, October 30, 2016

From the Eye of a Lens

I have become a bit obsessed with photography.  Capturing moments that would otherwise fly by without another thought, that's what I love.  I also like the impromptu moments.  The moments where no one is watching and people are just interacting.  I was sitting in church today and wishing I had my camera as I watched an older, single gentleman making a silly gesture to a young child sitting in front of him.  I could see both of their faces light up in delight and could imagine the giggles that could soon follow if he continued.  My camera finger was itching as another moment caught my attention.  A young husband with his hand resting lightly on his wife's shoulder.  A few minutes later her head rested against his shoulder with a feeling of contentment, security, love.  Being able to catch a fleeting smile from father to son, or a scolding look from mother to child, or a couple looking into each other's eyes with understanding, those are the flashes in time that I want to catch and keep forever.

When I flew home in December with my dad, the overall reason for me going was to help.  My stepmom needed an extra pair of hands so she could concentrate on making sure my dad was okay. But I was also the family photographer.  My siblings would text me daily for news, pictures, stories. I shared the pictures of my trip on my Facebook page and many family members appreciated the moments that were captured on camera.  Personally, I can look at the photos and remember the good times.  With a photograph, not only is a scene captured in time, but a story is created and passed down. I was able to share my experiences with my family and explain to my kids about the stories I heard and the wisdom that was shared.  All of this from a few pictures.

As I watch my husband play music, I'm fascinated by the workings of the band as a whole.  Capturing those times where a singer is consumed by the message of the lyrics or the bass player surrounds himself with the beat.  I watch the guitar player's hands as he begins with a note, then moves to a chord, which is pulled together to create a melody.  It's fascinating to watch as hands are playing different instruments and then they pull it all together, it can create an amazing, inspiring sound that can create emotions of angst, loneliness, anger toward injustices, or calm happiness.

This is how I feel about photography.  From someone who cannot draw, even with the YouTube tutorials, I can capture moments through a lens and share it with others.  I say I've become obsessed because every weekend in the last month, I have felt a strong pull to grab my camera and go find things to photograph.  The joy that comes from seizing these memories has given me something to look forward to and it's something I enjoy.  Immensely!