Friday, November 18, 2011

Being Thankful

I'm not hard to please. I'm not high maintenance. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty low key. Simple things in life give me joy. A good book. Chocolate. Samoan food. Football. See? I'm not a difficult or picky person. So when I received a $50 gift card to Smith's Grocery Store from my work, I was extremely happy. And thankful. In these troubled economic times, every little bit helps and this gift card is far from a "little bit". I can buy my turkey and ingredients for green bean casserole, banana cream pie, and my daughter's new dessert creation we've named 'Koko Moko' (it's a punch of chocolate in your mouth). I can't even begin to try to say, in words, how this gift card is a relief. It's like:
*a warm, sunny day in the middle of winter.

*hot tea and a snuggie on a cold, snowy night

*finding an extra box of granola bars in the cabinet hidden behind some cans of corn

*the house being cleaned BEFORE I get home from work

*all of the bills paid for the month and having money left over

My heart is light and my faith is strengthened. God is good! ALL THE TIME!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fablehaven Series

"Don't judge a book by it's cover." Usually referring to people but in the literal sense, this is very true! I had seen the Fablehaven books in bookstores and in the library, but wasn't very interested. I had completed the entire Harry Potter series and felt like nothing could compare. It took my 11-year-old daughter to show me the way. She received the first book as a chosen gift at, none other than, the library. As a fourth grader, all she had to do was sign her name under her class list and she could choose any book in the bin. Of course, I encouraged her to pick the thickest book, more for the freebie, right? She began reading it, at this point I still wasn't really interested, and kept getting more and more excited. My turning point? She mentioned a Samoan character. A potion master. My interest was now piqued and I couldn't wait to start. I had to take a break after the second book so my daughter could finish the others in the series and I didn't want to interrupt her flow. I just finished the final book this morning and as always, after a really great book or series, I feel sad. Sad because there will be no more adventures with Kendra and Seth. No more potions from Tanu. No more demons to fight. No more conversations with the Fairy Queen. No more confrontations with the arrogant centaurs. No more trading batteries with a couple of resourceful satyrs.

In this month of November, the month of Thanksgiving, I have to join my fellow bloggers in giving thanks. I am thankful for my parents, especially my mom, who instilled in us the joy of reading. Not only did she show us the value and fun in reading, she made sure we had many books to read. With our vast library (three layered wooden shelves, held in certain spots with cement bricks-none of those put-it-together-yourself stuff from Walmart, spanning two walls in our dining room, also used as my younger brother's hiding spot for foods he did not like) we were able to explore different genre of books from young beginner books to young adult books. Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Fiction, Nonfiction, anything we could order from the school book orders. During the summer, we would join the library summer program and spend hours each day in the library, reading and participating in various activities. Fond memories that I've tried to recreate in my own home. My book shelves happen to be the put-it-together-yourself kind (from Aikea and Walmart) but the shelves are full of books from my past and books from my kids' generation. Books that we enjoy together. Books that take us to another world, introduce us to the supernatural, and books that we can talk about after we've shared the stories in them. Like Fablehaven. Which my 11-year-old and I yearn for more stories from this series.