Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random thoughts...

I just posted on my Facebook page today the fact that I really haven't posted anything on that page or written on my blog simply because I had nothing to say. Nothing profound. Nothing breathtaking. Nothing funny. Truly, nothing. So, for the sake of keeping up with my blog, which was my goal for the year, I figured I would throw in some random thoughts. If anyone gets ANYTHING out of them, WONDERFUL! If not, then they will stay in the "random thoughts" vault.

1. Never having enough money seems to be my lot in life. Right when things look comfortable, all the bills are caught up and on track, SOMETHING seems to pop up. The car won't start. School fees are due. The kids need clothes. (What? Clothes? Food? Who needs those things?)

2. Exercise is the new "E" word. Closely related to the F and S words that are not allowed to be spoken by my children. After working a full day meeting with students and trying to keep up with the rest, I have absolutely no energy for the E word. But yet I drag myself out to the park to walk and subject myself to the sweat and cramping simply because I have this belly. The belly I like to blame on the four children I have even though my husband says it's been over five years since the last child so I really have no excuse. I could always join a gym or hire a personal trainer like a movie/pop star. (Back to random thought #1.)

3. I have four puletasi that need to be sewn for my girls before my brother-in-law's wedding in September. Am I going to get them done? Oh, and if you're reading this and thinking, Hey, someone who knows how to sew, STOP THAT THOUGHT! My sewing skills are okay and passable but definitely not good enough to subject on other people besides immediate family members who have no choice. (I need a serger so I can get that finished look on the clothes but the cheapest one I've seen is around $200. Please refer back to the first random thought about money and how we're lacking in that department.)

4. Why can't I find Fudge Marble Cake Mix??? Is it a seasonal thing? This is a much needed product and I even looked for it online through the Duncan Hines website. BUT, if I wanted to order it from the website, it would cost me over $2 a box when I can buy it in the store for $1 or a little over $1. (Again, refer to the above reference on monetary woes.)

5. I'm having a bad hair day. Emphasis on the BAD. And not BAD as in good, awesome, amazing. I mean BAD as in OMG, who is that monster lady walking around work with the hair do that belongs to Cookie Monster, Cruela De Vil, and Al Sharpton combined? Yes, it's THAT bad. I guess I need to get a trim but... (That first random thought really is tying my whole random thought process nicely!)

6. Do you see how my life is full of great people and wonderful things but really nothing to talk about? Knock on wood (knocking on my head) things stay nice and quiet! And, hopefully, not far down the road, the money will pour in like water and I can hire a personal trainer (a nice looking Polynesian male will do), purchase my serger for sewing and become a fashion icon, order all the fudge marble cake mix I want, and get my hair trimmed.