Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Night In Hawai'i

Every Monday night, 9pm, our television is turned to Channel 2. Hawai'i Five 0 night! Beautiful images of clear, blue waters, sandy beaches, greenery EVERYWHERE, and the sight of local cuisine. I can feel the island breeze as I watch the leaves in the trees swaying. I can smell salt in the air and feel the warm sand in my toes. I can hear the waves as they crash onto shore. I never spent a lot of time in Hawai'i as we made our way through from American Samoa and back again but now that I've been away from the islands for WAY too long, Hawai'i seems like home. Oh how I miss green Christmases with trips to the beach. I miss the warm rain and the smell of flowers after a rainstorm. I miss looking around and seeing people who look like me, my husband, my kids. I love having people in the store ask if I'm a "local". I love the sense of belonging. Watching Hawai'i Five 0 once a week brings back memories of happy times and a place that one day, I would love to settle. And watching McGarrett is just the eye-candy-icing on the cake.

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