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  1. Okay, so who knew you wrote a blog!?@! I was excited and interested to read it when you posted it on FB! I was impressed! Didn't know you like to write. And appreciated the courage it took to direct people to your blog! So I read least your lastest one, about not having any sons. You sound angry

  2. Love the writing...will read more. Looks like you were active in 2011....write on FB...I promise to read and comment. :)

    Good job by you!!

    1. Audra, is this you? Yeah, my hidden dreams of being a writer and a recluse. LOL! I've been writing a blog for work since August and decided if I can take time for that, I should take time for my own writing. I've started a few books but got stuck after a while. Now I have something that I'm storylining and will start writing soon. For my most recent post, I was annoyed mostly because of the "weak" comment.