Friday, June 3, 2011

What if?

I'm sure we've all played the "What if" game at some point in our lives. When things go wrong, you're feeling depressed, or you're just pondering life's many curveballs, the "What if" theme song begins. As your head is nodding to the music, you drift into the past and float through different scenarios:
What if...
I stayed home and went to college instead of coming straight to the U.S.?
I went to school in Hawai'i instead of California and Arizona?
I officially went out with my biggest crush in high school?
I took a career assessment when I first went to college?
I actually saved some money?

The "What if" game could be endless but as I'm thinking those thoughts the faces of my daughters pop into my head. All of those "What if's" begin to blur and there, in full color, are my girls. No matter how many "What if's" I have going on in my mind, they can never compare to "What is".

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