Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bikini Bods

My sister-in-law is kind enough to feed me my dose of magazines so I can be up on the latest celebrity gossip because, as we all know, we all want to be, look, act, or just know about the famous people in the world. Of course the issue I pick up and read has pages of celebrities in their bikinis. Women of all ages sporting their bodies and rockin' bikinis. They even had an interesting section showing the "ages" of bikinis from celebrities in their 20s to their 60s. As I look at these different body types I start to self-assess. When I HAD a body that COULD have sported a bikini, there is NO WAY I would wear one. The top reason being my culture. As a child, I could run around in a bathing suit and that was okay. Hell, I could run around naked or in my underwear and it was still okay. But as a female, when I got older (around puberty), it was less appropriate to run around with less clothing. Cover up would be the best description. I couldn't even wear shorts to a family function even if the shorts were knee length. I always had to cover up in a lavalava to show respect. So sporting a bikini? OUT of the question. Now that I'm older, wiser, and a little (okay, maybe A LOT) heavier, the idea of this old broad wearing a bikini, in PUBLIC, is unfathomable! Even if I lost weight and tightened up the old ab's, my mind is still under the impression that wearing a bikini at this age is not okay. Much as I would love to flaunt a P90X body in a bikini, I would never do it. I have too much respect for the people around me. And I wouldn't want to scare any children.

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