Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ode to Mom

Strong. Passionate. Fiesty. Caring. Loving. I could fill this blog with adjectives that refer to my mom but the best description would be generous. She is always making sure all of her children and grandchildren are okay and taken care of. She may not have much, but she gives much more. She's the kind of mom who will go to a grocery store's case sale and buy cases of toilet paper for each household. Or canned spaghetti. Or canned vegetables. She'll call and ask if we have a glass jar to hold our bigger utensils and buy one if the answer is No. When she buys a new crockpot, she'll call and ask who needs one so she can give away her used one that is barely used and still in awesome shape. She remembers birthdays. She calls when she knows someone is sick and checks to see if we need anything. She always complains of being broke but spoils everyone at Christmas. She brags about her family to her friends at church. She sends care packages and cards to family members. She takes TONS of pictures. She is our historian. Our rock. She's MOM in every sense of the word.

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