Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diagnosis: Coach

My dad has always been notorious for forgetting birthdays. He would call a few weeks after the fact and apologize or send one of those belated birthday cards. Now that he's retired, he's completely changed in terms of remembering birthdays, events, etc. In fact, he's better at it than I am! You can imagine my surprise when a postal worker knocks on my door on a Saturday morning with a package. From my dad. I open it up and there's a brown leather work/travel bag. I shrug my shoulders because this is an absolute shocker and I have no idea what's going on. When I inspect the brown bag closer, I see there's another bag inside of it. So I cut that wonderful protective plastic string and pull out... none other than... a Coach purse. Whoa! Those who know me are probably laughing at this point because I am NOT a girlie, girl, I do not slobber watching QVC pointing at the high end purses that should be in MY closet, I don't even own outfits that cost as much as these Coach purses. Of course my husband, in his infinite wisdom, says now I need to dress like the Kardashians in order to qualify to tote that type of baggage around. I am a FOB, no joke. Even in my semi-rage at my husband's comment, internally I was thinking the same thing. What is a FOB like me doing with a purse like this? I proceeded to call my dad to gracefully thank him for the gift and to ask what the occasion was? His reply: It's your early birthday gift. Two months early. Hey, not bad! He felt I needed a nice purse as well as a bag for work. Thoughtful? Yes! Then my dad calls yesterday and says, "Did you check your mail?" I say no and then get yelled at to hurry and check it. I follow orders like a good daughter and find a birthday card in the mail. Perfect timing for my birthday. Wow. I'm amazed at how spoiled I am to have such an amazing dad. With great taste in purses. Well, he had help from the purse queen, my older sister. But that's okay. I now use the purse everyday because I figure it's time to grow up and be a big girl. Maybe dress nicely now and again. But I'll always be a FOB. And never too old. My dad's card said it best. "Aging is inevitable. Maturing is optional." So, slowly, very slowly, I might think about maturing. With my Coach on my shoulder. And my slippers on.

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