Monday, March 21, 2011

Eat this, and this, and this...

The authors of the book "Eat this, not that" were obviously NOT thinking about Polynesians when they wrote it. If you're not familiar with the book (they also wrote "Cook this, not that"), it provides alternative eating habits so that a person can just eat healthy and lose weight. Painless, simple weight loss. There is NO SUCH THING!!! I think I should write a similar book but for Polynesian audiences only. Those who are familiar with Polynesians and our love for food may also enjoy the information. For instance...
*Lu pulu: Instead of eating the luau leaves with canned corned beef, use regular beef instead. More natural, more healthy. Or take out the meat all together and make it palusami. (Aren't onions good for you?)
*Sua laisa: Rice cooked in coconut milk with a little sugar and orange leaf, makes an excellent dessert. Not healthy enough? Add koko samoa. Experts say the more natural the chocolate, the more antioxidants and healing agents are involved.
*Taro: When baked it contains less fat than boiling in coconut milk. Or the healthier alternative: Kumala. Don't sweet potatoes beat out regular potatoes when talking about healthy eating?
*Pork: The other white meat. Enough said.
When I attend the many family reunions and Polynesian festivals this summer, I will make sure I keep these eating alternatives in mind. Do you think the booth with the kalua pig will substitute a Rib Eye steak instead?

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