Monday, February 7, 2011

One at a time...

My previous post, wayyyy back in November was the beginning of what I now know is my life's dream. Well, part of it. The other part is publishing a book that has been started and set aside for too long, but that is on the back burner of life. The importance of education has been pounded into our heads since we understood the meaning, an extension of the pounding my dad used to get when he was young. I have found the need and want of pounding this same idea into others, of course on a more gentle note. So here we replace 'pounding' with 'persuade', 'assist', 'motivate'... What more do we want? We want our Pacific Islander students to succeed in education and eventually in life. We want them to have a better life because that was the original dream their parents had when they first moved to the United States. We want them to be positive role models for the younger generation and to motivate them to do well. We want them to succeed and give back to their people and communities. We want to create a partnership of learning, succeeding, and growing as a people and a culture. We want to teach, learn, grow, love, and live! And we can succeed because as a people, we are the OG educators.

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