Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's worse: Having writer's block or getting into your blog, writing some good stuff, and then having a power surge that erases EVERYTHING?

My original thoughts were along the lines of Polynesian's and how we treat one another. This stems from a conversation I had yesterday about a new word that someone came up with to distinguish Polynesians from other cultures. Although the word was intended, I'm pretty sure, to be positive, it ended up coming across as negative. Other cultures or races have words that are used rather loosely but instead of uplifting their people, they break them down. This particular word I was introduced to seemed to do just that; break us down. One thing I've noticed lately is the lack of respect Polynesians have toward one another. The words we use to refer to each other or just the way we speak to one another, shows our lack of respect and love not only for the other person, but for our people and culture as a whole. I remember growing up and watching the adults handle issues. No matter what the issue was, it was always resolved with the utmost respect for both parties, even the person or people at fault. Japanese call it "saving face", Westerners call it "avoiding disgrace", but whatever the term, the outcome was the same. The guilty culprits were properly reprimanded but everyone left with a good feeling. Maybe we should start thinking about speaking to others as we would want to be spoken to, with respect and lots of positivity!

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