Thursday, June 29, 2017

And the best Rumor goes to...

Rumor has it my husband and my brother-in-law got into a fight, my husband's brothers jumped in, then my husband ran away to Kauai.  Another rumor (my favorite) has it that my husband got involved with some Tongan drug dealers, they broke into our house while our daughters were at home alone, and my husband ran off to Kauai to hide out.

Sounds like a really bad Michael Connelly novel minus all of the lawyer speak.  Although, if we threw in a lawyer, a good cop/bad cop, and a mistress, things might boil into an exciting adventure.  At least on paper.  And Kauai is not a bad setting albeit a little small.  He would have to live in the mountains to actually be considered 'hiding' because let's face it, Kauai is a small piece of land in the middle of a very large ocean. 

My real life (and my husband's real life) is not nearly as exciting.  Unless you count the hours we slave away at work sitting in front of a computer, speaking with students, processing water samples, going home to cook dinner, watch over grandparents, prepare children for a church mission and college, I'm not certain I would label my life as "exciting."  Busy, sure.  Active, maybe (not always physically as my muffin top will attest).  Hustling, yes, but not in that gang banger, drug dealer type of way.  We work hard to support our family and make sure our children are comfortable.

So why the rumors?  And you're probably thinking, "Man, those people in Utah have nothing better to do than make up stories about people."  Alas, it's not the people in Utah making these things up.  It's people in American Samoa.  Unfortunately, these stories were told to an uncle of mine who was so inflamed he was about to jump on an airplane to either Kauai to find my husband or come to Utah to do what, I have no idea.  Maybe pack my girls and I up and take us to Hawaii to live.  Not a bad idea, unfortunately, we have lives here in Utah.  I have a job, the girls have school, we have a house and a dog,...  Things could be really complicated if we were to just pick up and leave this joint.  But I digress.  The question was about rumors and why they are told.  I have no idea.  Boredom?  Jealousy?  Again, my life is nothing short of the slowest most boring novel you've ever attempted to read.  No exaggeration!  Why me?  Maybe it's because my husband is in Kauai and we didn't post a long explanation on Facebook so all the faitatala people could satisfy their need for stories. 

Oka, did you see Michelle's husband?  I wonder if they're getting a divorce? 

E, va'ai le toalua a Missy.  Oka se makaga! She must have kicked him out.

The truly important people in my life knew the situation and those who asked were given truthful answers.  My husband is in Kauai to take care of his grandparents.  The opportunity presented itself in the form of a job offer, we met as a family, and (bless my girls and their amazing hearts) we decided it was the right thing to do.  What does our future entail?  We have no idea.  After his grandparents are no longer on this earth, my husband will make his way back to Utah.  Or we'll make our way to Kauai.  We don't know.  Life is funny that way.  We can plan everything to the most minute detail but we have no control over what happens.  We have to be willing to roll with the punches.

My apologies to the Rumor Mill because I don't have a more dramatic explanation.  No intrigue.  No flashy cars or women (or men).  No heart palpitating chases through the jungle.  Just... meh.  And you know what?  I like 'meh.'  It allows me to live in peace and quiet.

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