Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Queen of my Domain

I have the most I-mazing, Ozum children EVER!!!  I've been working four 10-hour shifts this whole summer and I'm exhausted!  Add the fact that my husband, who was supposed to be responsible for the dinner making, dropped the ball on his end of the bargain, equals a very tired, pissed off ME.  BUT, my children have come to the rescue!

Last night I was about to fall over from lack of rest and my daughters took over the household.  It's really sad considering it was only Monday and I had just begun my week of work, work, work.  My oldest cooked dinner (yummylicious spaghetti!!!), the second worked on laundry, the third did the dishes, the youngest changed out the trash AND massaged my hands.  I mentioned this to a coworker and she said, "Who are you, the queen?"  My answer?  "YEAH!  Queen of my domain!"  As queen, I am forever grateful for the greatest kids on earth.  Tonight?  Did they retreat back into their downstairs girl-cave to watch television and snack while their half-dead, burnt-out mother cooked and cleaned?  They did NOT!  They did the same thing again, this time with a menu of beef soup, the middle two switched jobs, and the youngest changed out trash AND arranged the shoes.  As I sit in my room trying to settle down to go to sleep, I think about my kids and how much I appreciate them. 

They are not perfect.  They don't listen sometimes, choose to ignore a request until I'm yelling so the whole neighborhood can hear me, and they leave a crumb filled, dirty dishes mess in their basement girl-cave.  Despite their flaws, they are well behaved, giggly, helpful children.  They cook, they clean, they make me laugh, they share my love of chocolate, they enjoy movies, popcorn, old school music, visits to the park, swimming, picnics, shopping, ice cream,...  My list could go on forever!  And no matter how tired I am or how tough my day has been, my girls are there for me, making me feel like a queen.  Of my domain.

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