Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Will you eat them in a car or on a train?

Ramen noodles. We all know about them. They're cheap, easy to cook, a nice, quick, hot dinner that feeds many. So is there something wrong with me because I DO NOT LIKE them (Sam I am... sorry, regressed into a Dr. Seuss moment). Growing up and being Polynesian, it seems like saimin was a food staple. But I could never get used to the taste. I used to eat it with peanut butter sandwiches which, I think, would cover the taste and make it edible. That's ONLY when I ABSOLUTELY had to eat the stuff. No offense to anyone. I know there are people out there who love their noodles. My sister likes hers with scrambled eggs and Spam sliced in thin strips. My mother-in-law adds char-su pork and green onions. My kids and nephew like it straight up, no frills. But me? After all these years and many attempts, I still cannot say that I like saimin. No matter how many things you put in it to cover it up or make it look fancy.

In Kauai, there is a noodle place that my husband raved about. I thought, "Maybe it will be different. Maybe I'll enjoy the noodles. Maybe it will taste better." No such luck. While everyone else was sucking up those homemade, flour, sodium filled juices, I ate the skewered meat with some rice on the side. No matter how spruced up or homemade, it still tasted the same to me.

When it comes to quick dinners, I'm partial to good old Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Or $5 pizza. Or even spam, eggs, and rice. Sorry Manchuran and Top Ramen but it's a no-go. A meal of ramen noodles? Only if my husband is cooking dinner.

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