Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ancient Voyaging

What an amazing sight it must have been! To watch these voyaging canoes arrive in San Francisco, knowing they navigated just as our ancestor's did using only the stars and current... Just reading the sailing blogs and emails from dad (who was there) sent chills down my spine. I would love to one day step foot on one of those boats. Honestly, I don't know if I would have the guts to sail on one, even for a quick sail, but at least to stand and see what they see would be amazing. I feel like I would be sucked back in time, changing into one of my Polynesian ancestors who made the trek long before me. Moving out of the islands has become the new "trek" for us as Polynesians. Change is always good. But if you can't reconnect with the past once in a while, you tend to lose focus. I actually felt tears stinging my eyes as I read the day to day postings of shipmates and looked at the pictures of the amazing ocean life. One of the postings talked about stopping, listening, and being still. They encountered whales, dolphins, seals, and would have missed it all if they hadn't been still. I think once in a while, we need to sit down, put everything away, and just be still! Listen to yourself, and find who you are!
(Check out www.pacificvoyagers.org)

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