Thursday, April 7, 2011

To teach or not to teach...

There have been SO many negative stories in the news lately concerning teachers/administrators/students and their conduct in (and sometimes out) of school. In my own backyard we've had students accused of racism and wearing a white pillowcase with holes cut out for eyes yelling out racist comments. Administrators put on leave and eventually quitting due to the accusations. *Hm... makes you wonder...* There have been several teachers successfully tried with touching/fondling/having sexual relations with students as young as junior high. Other news from across the country talks about teachers who put their students on blast on their facebook statuses or blogspots. Some even include pictures. I have three letters for you. WTF???

As educators, we are bound by an unwritten code of ethics. Well, even some written ethics. We are there to mold those little minds and help them along the path to college and beyond. They are the future leaders. Why would anyone in their right mind want to taint that? Why would we want to add more people to the prison systems, teachers and students alike, because of a selfish act? Educators are supposed to be the mentors, the guiders, the TEACHERS. WE'RE the ones who should know better. WE'RE supposed to be the adults. And guess what? If you can't handle the classroom or the students, GO ON AND GET THE HELL ON!!! How dare you call yourself an educator and screw up a child's life because you have low self esteem and your mommy or daddy didn't love you! Who the hell are you to talk smack about your students when you are obviously just as flawed because you can't handle your own classroom!

As an educator, SHAME ON YOU! I have spent many years teaching students from preschool through college and I have worked hard to instill in them the passion for learning. I have drilled it into their heads that they can DO anything, BE anything, there are no limits to their success. I had a student who struggled in my 3rd grade class and I spent the entire year telling him "YOU CAN!" Guess what? I saw him (three years later) at the regional Science Fair with his project. THAT'S what a teacher does. You inspire! You motivate! You EDUCATE!

As a Polynesian mother, if my children were subjected to any of those things mentioned above, guess what? You had better run if you are the teacher involved. I will show you no mercy because I have entrusted you with the life and minds of my beautiful children. Do not EVER mess with a Polynesian mama and her babies! And final word of advice? GET OUT OF THE TEACHING PROFESSION!!!

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